Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

West and East #1

That day was wet. There was rain outside.
Actually I was outside too, with him. Me, East, and he is West.
I enjoyed the rain, so much. But I didn't know whether he enjoyed or not.
He asked me,"You love rain, don't you?"
I just smiled knowingly to answer his question.
He gave me a little smile. But I love that smile, seriously!
"What do you like from rain, East?" he asked me as he was looking up looking the rain.
"Umm, I love the rain, yes. But I don't know exactly why. Hmm may be..."
"May be it's because the raindrops? Or the smells of it?"
I gave him a little smile. "Yes, I love both of them. I love to see the raindrops. They are free, it's like they can drop themselves at the places they like. The freedom, they have it. Umm, and the... and the smells... hmm I love it very much. When the raindrops touch the ground. The smell. The raindrops. The ground. It's like the fragrance of two people, boy and girl, love each other. So holy, so pure."
"Except it, I also love the sound when the raindrops meet the the ground! Do you love it, West?"
"I love it too, East. It's like the sound of the heartbeat of two people, girl and boy, when they meet each other. Right?"
"Right." We smiled each other.
And we spent that night seeing the rain, smile at our lips, together.

-- to be continued --

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